How to Access Your Positive Inner Genius

How to Access Your Positive Inner Genius

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In his book Quantum Healing, Dr. Deepak Chopra reported an interesting research study that concluded the following: the average person thinks approximately 65,000 thoughts per day. The study also went on to conclude that of these 65,000 thoughts, about 95% are exactly the same thoughts that passed through the minds of these people the day before. We spend a lot of time thinking the same ideas, thoughts, and memories, and arriving at the same conclusions over and over. These thoughts take up a great deal of mental energy. They also prevent us from developing clear powerful thoughts may be life changing.

Most people don’t realize how much they are held hostage by their own negative thoughts.

The human mind is a powerhouse of knowledge and insight. Let us analyze some important facts for a moment. If the average person thinks 65,000 separate thoughts in a single day, then over the course of one month, that same person will have generated over 1,950,000 individual thoughts.

Research shows that most of our thoughts are negative, 77% of them to be exact. If we examine the 23% of our thoughts that are positive and constructive, and then look at the number that happen in a single day, we find that we generate more than 14,950 positive thoughts per day.

If only one percent of these positive thoughts are insightful, life-changing, and, in a word, brilliant, then each one of us has almost 150 of them per day! Each of us has more than half a dozen brilliant life-changing thoughts every hour of every day.

More importantly, those brilliant life-changing thoughts are unique to you.

If you learn to sit in stillness on a regular basis, you give yourself a chance to hear and process these life changing gems that you give yourself.

Dr. Mitchell Gibson is a medical doctor, spiritual teacher, and best-selling author. He lives in Summerfield North Carolina with his wife Kathy. Visit him here.

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