Decorate with Spirit: 5 Ways to invite peace into your home for the holidays

Photograph by David Brittain/CH&I / IPC+ syndication

Many of us are so overwhelmed by holiday pressures that we miss out on the special moments that give meaning to this time of year. Whatever your religious beliefs, set yourself up for a more meaningful, peaceful holiday season by creating a spiritual space within your home.Make WayFeeling oppressed by holiday paraphernalia can make day-to-day clutter even more intolerable than usual—and it can distract you from the deeper significance of all those decorations in the first place.Do a major declutter of living areas before you start decorating, and relocate or store redundant furniture (an extra chair that’s just for show, a side table that gets in the way), and consider donating unwanted items to places in need. Put some collectibles away to create more tabletop space, encourage more flow for conversation, and put more focus on the holiday items that are most significant to you. A leaner, less cluttered home is the energetic balance to the holiday chaos that’s about to descend.Clear the AirBurning sage to cleanse a home is an effective ritual that has been used through the ages to consecrate energies and …

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