Carrie Newcomer's Latest Album: Kindred Spirits

With lyrics like “God walks around in muddy boots” and “a summer tomato is a cause to rejoice,” it’s clear Carrie Newcomer has a knack for finding the transcendent in the everyday. Named one of the top 50 folk artists of the last 50 years by the Chicago Tribune, the Indiana-bred singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist has enthralled fans in cozy house concerts and venues like Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center. Throughout her two-decade-plus solo career, Newcomer has shown a tireless commitment to social change: touring India as a cultural ambassador for the United States, performing in Kenya as a part of the Interfaith Hunger Initiative and at the AMPATH HIV center, and traveling to the Middle East to play for groups dedicated to nonviolence.The newest of her 13 albums is a compilation of spiritually themed songs titled Kindred Spirits. Where do you get your motivation to help other people?I’ve always leaned into the idea that when we live more compassionate lives, it’s not a one-sided operation. I think sometimes we separate giving and receiving as though they’re opposites, but they’re really inter …

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