Rabbi Rami's Meditation Tips

Rabbi Rami's Meditation Tips

I know that meditation is good for me, but I can’t sit still for five minutes, let alone 20. Is there an alternative to meditation?

Meditation is waking to God in, with, and as all reality. If sitting still aids in this awakening, sit; if not, don’t sit. Try hatha yoga, tai chi, qigong, dancing, swimming, walking, aikido, knitting, gardening. Meditation isn’t about movement or stillness but about knowing God manifesting as Self and other.

I’d like to pray, but I don’t believe anyone is listening. Is this my only option?

Prayer is a conversation between my smaller self and my larger Self, the self that feels apart from the Whole and the Self that knows we are all a part of the Whole. When I pray, my smaller self verbalizes its deepest thanks, hopes, fears, and concerns, and it listens for my larger Self to open these to the truth of my oneness with all life.

How do I know if my meditation is working?

Your meditation is “working” if it broadens your sense of connection and enhances your capacity for compassion. The deeper your meditation becomes, the broader your sense of connection; the broader your sense of connection, the greater your capacity for compassion; the greater your capacity for compassion, the deeper your meditation practice becomes. It is a virtuous circle.

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