Bounce Back: Restore Yourself Inside and Out

Bounce Back: Restore Yourself Inside and Out

For dermal distress, bring on the organic excellence of All Good Goop (1). It’s handcrafted for everything from calluses to scars, and burns to bites; plus the company cares as much about your health as it does about the environment. ($13.50) elemental

If “don’t worry, be happy” leaves you less than inspired, look beyond the platitudes and find lasting tools to cultivate a deeper sense of emotional well-being with the Spontaneous Happiness Tool Kit (2). Practice cards, audio CDs, and a workbook give grounded guidance to your quest. ($29.95)

For issues with your tissues, the alchemists at Queen Bee Productions have harnessed the remarkable healing qualities of the noni plant and wild-crafted beeswax to produce Sprains & Strains Salve (3). Deliver pure salvation for your injured, aching parts. ($15)

Are you spending most of your time on the low end of the seesaw, and no amount of coffee or sugar is bringing you back up? Why not try a more subtle and long-lasting approach? Body Balance (4) offers a sublingual spray boost that draws on the ancient system of homeopathy. ($29)

Take a moment to stop and listen. If the sounds you hear are more assaulting than assuaging, your nervous system may benefit from the tonic intonations of Self-Healing with Sound & Music (5). One CD gives you the intellectual lowdown; the other immerses you directly into the audio adventure. ($19.95)

Let a thing of beauty evoke healing from the outside in with the Blue Heaven Necklace (6). The positioning of the turquoise at the throat chakra, and the tree of life and lotus blossom elevate this piece to healing status. ($98)

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Harness the healing power of the great outdoors by crossing one of the spectacular national parks off your list; or simply head out to your neighborhood park or your own backyard.

For more information on how your environment can heal, listen to Krista Tippett interview immunologist Esther Sternberg on “The Science of Healing Places.”

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