Move Over, Milk

Want strong bones? You might not need dairy.

“So, are you going vegan?” I’d already stopped eating meat and fish for ethical reasons, so why did my friend’s question send a chill down my spine? My eyes got wistful as visions of melty grilled cheese sandwiches, salads of sun-warm tomatoes and fresh, milky mozzarella, and the sharp, salty bite of Greek feta danced in my head. “No way,” I sighed. “I could never give up cheese.” For years, it seemed I had an itch that only cheese could scratch. More than a casual dalliance, cheese and I were carrying on a full-blown love affair. Not only did cheese bring me so much joy, it was rich in bone-building calcium. It was delicious—and good for me! How could I even think about giving it up? But the more I learned about the dairy industry, the more I realized that cheese and I didn’t share the same values. For me, the hardship endured by dairy cows and their calves was just too much of a turnoff. It was time for me to break up with the love of my culinary life. The Bone of Contention Still, I was worried. In my zeal to do no harm, would I end up harming my own health? For strong bones, the Inst …

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