Ana Forrest’s Week Two Sequence

Ana Forrest’s Week Two Sequence

First, set your intent. Get skillful at learning how to wield the tools of healing, weaving together poses, breath, and intent.

Pick a spot in pain to work with—the core is the easiest to access with your breath. The lower back or belly are great places to work with, for example. The first five breaths into the area, inhale into your spot and offer life to it. On the exhale, start to practice the skill of exhaling pain, even if just a few dust motes at a time. In this way, you begin to create a spacious interior environment instead of one that is shut down and in pain. In each pose, breathe into your spot.

The exercises and instructions presented in this article are designed for people who are in good health and physically fit. Do not undertake this or any other exercise without the consent of a doctor. Spirituality & Health and the creators of this sequence disclaim any liability for loss or injury in connection with the exercises shown or the instruction and advice expressed.

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