4 Great Apps for Healthier Eating

4 Great Apps for Healthier Eating

Need a little extra nudge when it comes to eating well? Look no further than your smartphone. We love the following apps, which were designed to help people eat healthier and lighten their ecological footprint:
Use GoodGuide to take a photo of a product’s bar code and find information about how "green" the product is—or isn't.
Dirty Dozen
Reduce your family's exposure to toxins with this useful app from the Environmental Working Group, which helps you determine which fruits and vegetables tend to have the most pesticide residues.
Using GPS technology, Locavore directs you to in-season, local food by pinpointing farmers’ markets near you. It also stores information about each market's specialties.
True Food
If awareness of genetically modified ingredients in your food is important to you, True Food is your app. Created by the non-profit Center for Food Safety, this app arms savvy shoppers with news and current information on GMOs.

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