We’re All Related

We’re All Related

Picture a biologist wearing a mushroom cap, an exuberant union leader, a defender of the Amazon, and 13 Indigenous Grandmothers sharing a stage―and you can begin to imagine the cross-pollination that takes place at the annual Bioneers Conference.
Held every October in San Rafael, California, the Bioneers Conference gathers together 3,000 people (with an additional 9,000 watching from remote satellite locations around the world) dedicated to finding practical solutions for environmental problems.
This year’s speakers include environmental writer Bill McKibben; visionary business leader Paul Hawken; health advocate Sandra Steingraber; and Sierra Club’s Michael Brune, among many others. Over three days, plenary speakers and workshop sessions cover topics as diverse as community economics and greening our faith to the return of salmon to the Pacific Northwest and sustainable leadership. This year's conference will be held October 19-21; for more information, please visit

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