The Zen of Surfing

While in high school, Jaimal Yogis ran away to sea in search of good surfing and lasting spiritual truths. (“Note to Mom and Dad: I am somewhere in the world, and I will call you when I get there.”) In his new book, Saltwater Buddha: A Surfer’s Quest to Find Zen on the Sea (Wisdom Publications), Yogis recounts in short, candid chapters, the waves, experiences, and insights that ignited and sustain his ongoing investigation of the way of Zen. Here, Yogis talks about the resonance between surf and spirit. For those of us who don’t surf, what’s it like?When you’re riding a wave, you’re physically riding energy, the memory of wind energy that’s pulsing between water molecules. You really do become part of the wave. Especially in the hollow, you’re really inside of that vortex of spiraling energy. You’ll hear surfers who have no background in the metaphysical or Zen say, “I rode that wave and didn’t feel like I existed. The wave was there; I was there; we were together.” That really is the feeling, that feeling of merging with an energy that is much greater than yourself. Is each wave the same?Every single …

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