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A New Primer for Psychic Research

“Something unknown is doing we don’t know what” — this is how physicist Arthur Eddington described the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal, the vexing fact that science can never pin down the whereabouts of any given electron. The phrase has also become something of a mantra for researchers studying psychic phenomenon and prayer. Larry Dossey, M.D., one of the foremost advocates for prayer research, even has the phrase inscribed on beams that support the ceiling in his house. Now, the phrase has become the title of a fascinating documentary by Renee Scheltema ( She took her camera to visit the pioneers in psychic research in an effort to decide whether her own experiences with telepathy and precognition might be real, and she produced a refreshingly honest film that leaves little doubt that something is happening. We just don’t know what it is.We meet astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who had a numinous experience when returning from the moon that inspired him to create the Institute for Noetic Science (IONS) to study other ways of knowing. We meet Dean Radin, chief scientist at IONS, who has …

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