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Help to Find Out Where T-Shirts Come From

I consider myself to be “tri-polar,” meaning there are three identities that dictate my daily actions: entrepreneur, journalist, and ethics professor. While these three identities can sometimes compete with one another, there are those occasions when all three collaborate to support a single issue. One such situation is when I contemplate the “bigger” question we all struggle with — where did my T-shirt come from?In a world that is so globalized, we often know little about the resources, practices, and labor that bring even everyday objects into our lives. What human rights are being violated in order for me to live the lifestyle that I do, and how can I change my life to put an end to those violations? It is baffling that for even the simplest things, this question cannot be answered simply.The life cycle of the T-shirt I am wearing has five major components: raw materials, processing, manufacturing, packaging, and consumption. Within each step along the life cycle, my T-shirt will be refined numerous times by various industries and contractors, all of whom have a different understanding of what a just …

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