Why I Pray

One of my most precious experiences was finding a list in my dad’s handwriting as I sat in his recliner in my parents’ home. When I asked my mom about it, she told me it was his prayer list — he had written names of his family and friends that he prayed for. I was deeply moved.My own prayer starts in the morning. I pour myself a cup of coffee, light a candle, and take time to meditate. I pray the Psalms and am always struck by the ones that speak of healing. The Psalms comfort me and help me put my multiple sclerosis (MS) into perspective. I thank God that I can still do all I do after 31 years of living with MS and that I have loving friends, a wonderful sister, and a sense of humor. Prayer shifts my thinking from what I can’t do with MS to what I can. Of course, I realize that even with all the new medications available, there still isn’t a cure, but I can still pray.Because of this private daily routine, I find that I’m at peace with this disease. Of course, I have moments when I shed tears because I want to do more things, but I realize that physically, I just can’t. I note that prayer shifts my val …

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