Take This Walk of Gratitude

Take This Walk of Gratitude

The beautiful hills of the Ojai Foundation in Ojai, California, are a wonderful place to walk. The mission of the Foundation is to strengthen individuals, families, schools, and communities by teaching ways to listen and speak from the heart. This month they’ve opened their grounds to a simple yet profoundly transformational practice: a gratitude walk. Take a moment now for a virtual walk, imagining what each stop might look and feel like. Consider a pilgrimage to Ojai (directions at You might even want to create a gratitude walk for your own community.

Sunset Terrace: Breathe in the view. Give thanks to the sun in your own way.

Medicine Wheel: Walk several times around the medicine wheel, giving awareness to the wholeness of life and the law of nature that always seeks balance.

Amitabha Buddha: Notice the deep peace of the Buddha’s restful gaze. The Buddha represents the awakened state within each of us. Consider what vow you could make at this time.

Deep Kiva: Perform a personal ceremony. Write down something you are ready to burn away or let go of. Offer it to the center of the fire pit.

Teaching Tree: Sit or stand under this 500-year-old grandmother oak. Feel free to hug her trunk or limbs. No one will laugh at you here.

Ancestor Shrine: Share a moment with a loved one who is dead. Express your gratitude for all he or she gave.

Labyrinth: Ask a question. Walk the maze into the center. Can you hear an answer?

Virgin of Guadalupe: Make an offering to the mother in your own way.

The Council House: Be sure to notice the living room and the sacred geometry of the design. Please offer your comments and a donation. Place the offering in the bowl in the foyer.

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