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Mindful, Responsible Meat for the Table

When Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle in 1906, readers were exposed to the horrible abuse of those who worked in the meat-packing industry. The book changed how the country thought about food safety and sparked considerable shifts in inspections and labor practices, shaping laws for the last century. Now, it seems that we’re increasingly turning our attention to the other major component of the industry: the animals themselves. Despite the shock-and-awe campaigns of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (which occasionally uses naked women to encourage vegetarianism), ours is a country rife with meat eaters. Health pronouncements about eating less red meat have had some effect, and “meatless Monday” is catching on in many areas, but on the whole, the United States is a paradise for omnivores. But can you eat meat and still maintain a sense of spiritual health and physical well-being? Those who encourage mindful eating believe it can be done. By treating animals with respect and raising them on diets that are fundamental to their health — letting cows graze on grass, for example — we ca …

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