Sampling the World’s Healthiest Skincare Products

Sampling the World’s Healthiest Skincare Products

“We are all vibrant beings,” says Mary Bemis, editor of Organic Spa magazine. “And the real beauty behind biodynamic skin care products is that they are the most vibrant, the most alive. Biodynamic and organic products represent the healthiest way to feed your skin. Using them honors your body, the farmers who grow them, and the earth itself.” Here are a few of the healthiest commercial skincare products now on the market.

Weleda Cold Cream

In January, 90-year-old biodynamic and organic beauty company Weleda relaunched their cold cream. This product boasts a rich, creamy texture that protects skin even on harsh winter days, so imagine the soothing effects of Weleda Cold Cream on hands that have been digging in the garden for half of the day. Ingredients such as organic sweet almond oil and beeswax are key to nourishing and protecting the skin. As with all Weleda products, the natural essential oils “impart subtle fragrance” that is healing, rather than damaging to the skin or the immune system. Find Weleda Cold Cream (1 fl. oz. for $16) and many other high-quality products like it at

Pomega5 Revitalizing Concentrate

Pomega5 is a biodynamic skincare company focusing on “wellness through the skin.” Omega-5 oil extracted from pomegranate seeds is the revolutionary, innovative ingredient. Revitalizing Concentrate is a daily repair treatment that protects, delivers nutrients, and adds luster to the skin. This product is packaged in 30 ampoules, all containing calendula, rosehip, jojoba, and, of course, pomegranate oil. Sixty percent of Revitalizing Concentrate is made up of omega-5. Visit for more about this innovative company and to view the full range of their products. Revitalizing Concentrate is $48 for a one-month supply.

Jurlique Body Lotion

Established in Australia in 1985, Jurlique Skin Care uses biodynamic, organic, and natural ingredients. Rose Body Lotion combines daisy and calendula with rose for a balancing and hydrating effect. Other ingredients include avocado, safflower oil, marshmallow root, and honey. This lightweight body care product is $38 for 10.1 oz. Visit for more about the company and the Jurlique line.

Brigit True Organics Sunscreen

Sunscreen is important all year long but especially as we begin to spend more time out of doors in the spring. Choosing a safe product for the body is essential. Brigit True Organics products are “carefully sourced, use a limited ingredient set, and are made in small batches in Charlottesville, Virginia.” The ingredients list includes organic Mediterranean olive oil, pure aromatherapeutic essential oils, and certified organic herbs. The sunscreen line from Brigit True Organics is nourishing, moisturizing, and protective. BTO uses food-grade ingredients where possible, making them safe enough to eat. Visit for more product information. Sunny Days Sunscreen 20, 6 fl. oz. is $16.90.

Hurraw! Lip Balm

Springtime lips require a soothing balm, and Montana-based Hurraw! has a great one. Hurraw! Balm is certified vegan, as it uses candelilla wax rather than a beeswax base. Candelilla wax comes from the candelilla plants of Mexico and is sustainably wild-crafted. The fine folks at Hurraw! ( hand mix and individually pour each tube of this raw lip balm. The balm is lasting, effective, and not too smelly or greasy. The tube won’t pop out of your pocket because it’s an oval shape, and what’s more, the balm won’t melt, even if it’s been in your pocket all day. Hurraw! Balm comes in 16 flavors and sells for $3.79 per tube.

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