Five Insights for Fearless Living

Five Insights for Fearless Living

The First Insight: Fear can close our hearts, shape our emotional life, and freeze our emotions, but the only power that fear has is the power we give to it. We can take that power back. What we need is to have some understanding of what we really want in life and why we want it.

The Second Insight: The freedom we want the most is found beyond the fear that we avoid the most; and when we move through our very worst fear, we realize that, ultimately, there is nothing to be afraid of.

The Third Insight: We don’t need to become experts on fear to move through it. Rather, we must strengthen our Spirit, which means cultivating the very spiritual instincts that our fear would have us neglect or ignore.

The Fourth Insight: One fear contains the power of every fear within us. Burst the bubble of one fear, and all our other fears begin to lose their power over us too.

The Fifth Insight: Two questions — “How can we move through our fear?” and “How can we become who we are meant to be?” — are, for all practical purposes, one and the same.

From Moving Through Fear: Cultivating the 7 Spiritual Instincts for a Fearless Life, by Jeff Golliher / Jeremy Tarcher.

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