A Vision Map for Life and Death

A Vision Map for Life and Death

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Vision mapping is a holistic process to actualize what matters most in life. Learn how an expert in conscious dying utilizes the process.

“Start with the end in mind.”

Twenty years ago, I received visions for making life better at end-of-life.

One of these visions was then called “Vision Mapping for End-of-Life,” and after making several pencil drawings and collaborating with a graphic designer, a beautiful Vision Map came to life!

I was soon asked to present the map to Long Term Care Companies at their first annual conference, called The Pioneer Network. The room was packed with people whose idea of end-of-life care probably didn’t go beyond hospice, wills, and advance directives. They didn’t expect a journey of identifying what matters most in life by looking at death.

Together we focused on the 5 Domains of Life in the Vision Map, each person guiding another through questions to facilitate deep reflection of their vision and, in contrast, their current reality.

The 5 Domains of Life:

  1. Physical

  2. Emotional

  3. Spiritual

  4. Purpose (or Legacy)

  5. Practical—pre and post death care needs

What happened next was unexpected. A group of over 70 long term care professionals were brought to tears. Deeply moved by what they called a “life changing” process—having a safe space to finally talk about their mortality—they expressed how much they wanted to share what they learned with their loved ones and people they work with.

Can you imagine what this might mean to you?

Imagine, truly imagine, and consider this possible scenario:

You have 3 months to live…

  • What would matter most to you?

  • What would you prioritize vs. postponing?

  • Is there someone in your life you want to heal with, be grateful to, forgive, love more, see more, and connect with more deeply?

  • What are your regrets?

  • What are the unfilled wishes and desires for your own life?

Now imagine you are given a Vision Map, and an End-of-Life Coach will lead you through a practice that will support you to identify, record, and actualize your deepest desires and wishes. Regardless of your age or health, regardless if you have terminal illness or an incredible state of wellness. This path, creating a Vision Map, nurtures a sense of completion in life.

Saying the word “death” was still taboo in 1998 when the creation of this tool first began. Today, the fact of death and saying the word is becoming more accepted, and that is partly through the work of end-of-life coaches, doulas, and others talking about it, creating safe spaces and highlighting the deep connections between embracing death and living fully. Through all ages and stages of dying, no matter how old or young, where you are, or what your current reality is, life is a gift and talking about end-of-life can be a greater gift still.

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Conscious Dying Collective exists to raise global consciousness and cultivate diverse and compassionate communities, creating a culture that together explores the many facets of death to inspire positive change in end-of-life care and education. Offering end-of-life coach and doula certificate programs, along with enrichment courses that encourage deeper learning in the realm of end-of-life, Conscious Dying Collective attracts learners of all backgrounds and in all stages of life.

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