A New Energy Medicine for the Twenty-First Century

A New Energy Medicine for the Twenty-First Century

“Energy Touch skills are used to repair and reprogram the energy body’s template to begin the healing process.”

Energy Touch is a relatively new healing modality developed by Tricia Eldridge and now taught at her school, the Energy Touch School of Advanced Healing. This off-the-body multidimensional energy medicine modality addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual body while also giving the client the ability to take an active and productive roll in the healing process. Energy Touch is distinctive in the field of energy medicine in that the work takes place in a more expanded energy field that includes outer level energies previously untapped by other modalities. The combination of grounding, energetic breathwork, and a strong connection to one’s higher self allows the practitioner to work on a cellular level.

Additionally, the ability to access an energetic hologram of the physical body is a unique and vital aspect of Energy Touch Healing. This energetic hologram acts as a matrix connecting the energies of the outer levels of the field precisely with the physical body on a cellular level. Once the blueprint is repaired the physical body will begin to match the vibration of the hologram at its renewed healthy level. At this point, physical healing will begin. The hologram also allows for faster and more complete healing because the physical body is no longer an obstacle.

Energy Touch practitioners confront the physical aspects of disease and illness at the cellular level while also seeking the underlying cause of ailments with the understanding that they frequently carry an emotional aspect that has caused their manifestation in the physical body. Once this emotional cause is identified and cleared, Energy Touch skills are used to repair and reprogram the energy body’s template to begin the healing process.

Energy Touch practitioners understand that there are multiple levels where healing of disease or illness must take place in order to achieve optimum health. As an example, surgically repairing a diseased organ may give temporary relief to the client but unless the cause of the disease is addressed the problem will often reemerge in a new form or in a different location. The Energy Touch practitioner works with the client to not only find physical relief from the disease or illness but will also help them find any underlying cause that may be behind the disease or illness. Only when addressing the cause and removing it from the energy field can the disease or illness be permanently removed from the client’s physical body.

Facilitating the client’s connection to guidance is yet another essential tool to help them access the personal power necessary to implement life changes and gain access to their vast self-healing capacity.

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Energy Touch Practitioners are also trained to work with the earth and animals in the same way that they address human illnesses and conditions of disease. To learn more about Energy Touch healing and the EnergyTouch School of Advanced Healing please visit us at

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