Get Your Assignment to Turn That Good Dream Into A Good Deed

Grants between $100 to $2000

Start dreaming about the most loving, impactful, heroically selfless, and specific story that you can imagine yourself being assigned to help your community or the world. Feel into it. Does your story have heart? Does it potentially have legs? What is the overall budget? Our goal is neither to create your adventure nor entirely fund it. Our goal is to be the catalyst that transforms your dreams and intentions into specific actions that serve the good. 

Utopia Foundation has committed up to $30,000 and Spirituality & Health has committed up to another $30,000, so we have $60,000 to assign people to do good—in amounts from $100 to $2,000.

Keep in mind that Utopia Foundation’s emphasis is early childhood and has a strong bias for projects that help young parents learn how to parent, support early childhood education, and provide life skills that will help the next generation feel more connected, capable, wise and happy. A significant portion of our assignments may involve things like filling suitcases with illustrated books or providing toys to immigrant kids held in detention camps, but we might help a little girl with a single parent get to the zoo. (We’re happy to assign kids a project if they write a great query.) We might also help pay to fix a neighbor’s front porch light—if it had a good story that might encourage others to do the same thing. Also keep in mind that all queries are due by January 15, 2019. 

Whether or not you get an “assignment,” we hope you’ll take this as a call to action—to come from a place of courageously engaged spirituality that takes a share of responsibility for the world’s welfare.