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Entries tagged with “Self-Esteem”

Can Travel Help Us Stop Hating Ourselves?

Seeing the world can help you see yourself in a new light.

Can We Give and Get Gifts Without Hating Ourselves (or Anyone Else)?

My mother's birthday was last week. Because she's left ths world, I couldn't send her a gift.This was a bittersweet relief.Opening gifts almost always made Mom cry—not with joy, bu…

Can You Handle Criticism?

A total stranger about whose business establishment I had written an article emailed me the night after it was published, alleging that my article was "mostly erroneous."For a horr…

Casting a Vote of Confidence in the Indwelling Divine

Passionate about voting this year? How many “votes” do you cast each day with your own actions?

Crossing the River of Self-Doubt

In this week’s The Soul of Therapy, psychologist Kevin Anderson, Ph.D., shares how to tackle self-doubt and low self-esteem.

Do We Talk Too Much About Our Pain?

In a world of constant sharing—a debate about how much is too much.

Do You Make Yourself Difficult to Love?

When someone says they love you, is your first impulse to argue that they can't?One night when I was 21, a man with curly copper-penny hair told me: I love you.Under the streetligh…

Does Everyone Call You "Negative"?

I'm not telepathic. But I probably know something about you. It's this: If you have low self-esteem, you're often accused of being "negative." They call you morbid, morose, a dow…

Empathy: It's a Win-Win

At a family holiday dinner last week, it finally dawned on me that certain people I consider smart and beautiful consider themselves stupid and hideous.Granted, I spent most of my …

For a Positive Body Image, Choose Self-Compassion Over Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the practice of seeing yourself as above average. And in a world that's constantly comparing, keeping a high level of self-esteem may feel more like a challenge than a relief.

From Childhood Onward, Spirituality Shapes Our Self-Esteem

Some children aren't spiritually inclined, but many are. Is this because their tender, innocent awe for all things alive and imagined hasn't yet been trounced by trauma, teasing an…

Getting What You Want Might Not Destroy Western Civilization

Boarding the Azamara Quest in Barcelona, about to start a week-long Riviera cruise, I felt joy and two types of anxiety. One was luxuryphobia. The other was mortal fear.Surely, I t…

Handling Difficult Relationships by Going Gray Rock

Want to manage manipulative, triggering, altogether difficult people? Gray rock them.

Has Low Self-Esteem Made You Forget How to Have Fun?

One night two weeks ago, while watching a Nebraska-based trance band, I suddenly remembered how to have fun.It happened effortlessly—as shake-out-your-sleeves-and-collapse-on-the-h…

Heal Your Relationship with Your Body

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror at your body with disgust, or punished yourself for eating one too many cookies by spending hours on the treadmill, then you may recognize that …

How (Besides Self-Hatingly) to Analyze Any Situation

After a long walk, I sat on a bench in a small city park and unwrapped a fresh pastry. I had just bitten the pastry when a man entered the park, unzipped his trousers and urinated…

How Can I Love You When You Don't Love Yourself?

Person A tells Person B: "You're beautiful.""I am not," Person B retorts."I love you," Person A sighs."Why?" wails Person B.Loving people who have low self-esteem means constantly …

How Self-Loathing Makes Us Look (Mistakenly) Like the World's Best Partners

I've been called the perfect partner, the source of all happiness, a dream-come-true. And while such stratospheric grandiosities are nice to hear, they're hard to believe. Hey, I…

How to Become Your Own Hero

Telling yourself, once or twenty thousand times, "I'm smart; I'm beautiful; everyone loves me" won't make it true (or untrue) but, more crucially, won't make you start believing it…

How to Derail Our Self-Hatred Habits

Question these habits so you can change them.

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