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4 Steps to Create Space to Breathe

Reclaim your space by taking these four distinct steps.

5 Ways to Get Closet Clarity

Our relationship with clothing is complex and can spill over into the closet. Time for a reckoning.

A Room of One’s Own

Many of us have an inner artist we want to nourish, but not the budget for a painter’s studio or writer’s retreat. Here’s how to carve out a sacred space for creativity.

Altar Your Reality With the Five Elements of Feng Shui

Energize your altar space with the five elements.

An Intentional Place

Most of us have had the experience of walking into a room, and having it feel a certain way. Maybe it’s inspiring us to create, or to take a nap, or sometimes, to turn around and w…

Black Cats: Reclaiming the Sacred Feline

Halloween and the season of black cats is a good time to examine our misplaced beliefs and return our relationship with cats to a sacred sphere.

Book Review: Heart Open, Body Awake

“Embodied” is a buzzword these days, flung around in an attempt to describe the effort to live grounded inside our physical selves. But what does it actually mean to be embodied…

Building Altars For Personal Transformation

Building an altar with an intention for transformation is powerful. The altar keeps your focus on your intentions.

Clear Air, Clear Mind

Keep body and mind healthy with fresh, clean air in your sacred space.

Cultivate a Daily Practice and Sacred Space

Creating a daily ritual and sacred space can be the difference between a mediocre day and day filled with intention and positivity. Learn how to start cultivating a practice to start your day off on the right foot.

Holy Places Everywhere

All places are alive with holiness, says Philip Goldberg, so cultivate your own personal cathedral.

How to Encourage Contemplation With a Zen Garden

If you’d like to develop a Zen garden of your own, follow these suggestions.

How To Meditate In Space

Why architecture influences mood, emotion, and experience.

How to Soak in Divine Brine

Why? Because we’re always pickling in something…

Infuse the Sacred in the Nooks and Crannies of Your Home

5 ways to fit a bit of the sacred in any kind of space.

Invite the Sacred into Your Kitchen Space

The keys to creating a kitchen that makes cooking into a beautiful, spiritual experience.

Letting Go of Solitude

Caretaking gives this writer an opportunity to enter a new kind of sacred space – not a place of solitude, but a place of wholeness and holiness.

Making Everyday Spaces Sacred Through Intuitive Ritual

Draw sacredness into your life whenever you need it with simple intentional rituals.

Meditation Candles Light the Way for Prayer and Spiritual Beauty

Rich in spiritual history, meditation candles are the perfect way to turn your home into a beautiful sanctuary.

No Place Like Alone for the Holidays

“The absence of holiday fuss clears the way for all kinds of spiritual opportunities.”