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The Fallow Field: The Virtue of Doing Nothing

I’ve been spending a lot of my evenings lately sitting at home watching Netflix.Not very romantic, I know. On these evenings, after long days of meetings, teaching, yoga, meditatio…

The Happiness Track: Rest Within Yourself

Learn how to take a vacation within your own mind.

The Island of Vitality

A place to get right and write

The Power of the Pause

Thoughts from a life on very fast-forward

The Rest Story

The foundation of mental, physical, and spiritual health is rest. Four rest experts provide insight on sacred rest.

The Yoga of Being Sick

The day after I finished a major project (my new book, Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses), I came down with a fever. For a few days, it hurt my brain to do anything other…

What Does It Mean to Relax?

Feeling stuck in unhealthy patterns? You can find deeper rest and relaxation, ease anxiety, and recover from trauma through yoga Nidra practice.

Why We Need to Stop

Find ways to pause, rest, and be mindful.