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Ask Yourself: 6 Questions About Judging Others

Modern culture practically demands that we have strong opinions on everything, including people we don’t know. Before you pound your gavel, consider these heartfelt questions about judging others.

Audio Meditation: Listening with the Body

In this guided meditation, follow prompts to inquire into your body's truth.

Calling All Warrior Goddess Women! It’s Time to Speak Your Truth

Learning to speak your truth is a lifelong practice.

How to Live Your Truth Every Day

The most meaningful thing for me is to live my truth. To know that I’m living what I value, I’m doing things I believe in, and I’m doing them now rather than waiting. And to know t…

How to Tone a Flabby Heart

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people are so full of doubts. ~Bertrand Russell We live in a world that …

If I Die Before You Wake

We all prefer stories that end with “… and they lived happily ever after.” Not “… and then they died.”

If You Feel Like a Weird Yoga Alien…

Joining or starting a “sangha” can support your personal growth.

Is Beauty the Only Necessity?

What is beauty? Why is it important? “Perhaps we should think of beauty not only as something that we should have but as something we should be.”

Is Your Mind Broadcasting Fake News?

We who experience anxiety, depression and self-hatred know fake news better than anyone.

Our Walk In The World: To Participate in Reality

In February, Mark Nepo will be speaking at Western Michigan University. See MarkNepo.com for details.

Radical Intuition: 3 Ways to Be True to Yourself

Being “true to yourself is the most revolutionary act,” writes author and intuitive development teacher Kim Chestney. Find your inner truth and you may just find that the world changes too.

Random Reactions to the RNC

As the election season rolls on I become more jaded. I am troubled most by the absence of truth in our politics. Facts don’t matter in America anymore. Truth doesn’t matter in Amer…

Stop Playing the Blame Game

I often find it valuable to take commonplace sayings, or “rules” and, rather than just accept them at face value, “take them for a ride” to see if they ring true. Most of us have …

The Healing Truth

The goal of The World Wisdom Bible is not to create a world religion, but to create peace, 12 coffee cups at a time

We told my niece that her mom died in a car crash. She isn't dead.

My niece is dying from a rare blood disorder. She takes comfort in believing she will soon be with her mother in heaven. I know otherwise: My sister isn’t dead. We told my niece th…