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14 Affirmations for Trusting Yourself

Our instincts can lead us well, if we can answer the call.

16 Affirmations for Surrender and Trust

Stuck and disappointed? Affirmations for surrender and trust can help get you through.

Awakening at the Crossroads

A voice in my head told me, “Ahh, you’ve been here before. But last time you sailed blithely through....”

Core Reflections

Meditation teacher Tara Brach offers explorations of kindness and beauty and how to be in the stillness of their truth.

Fear & Flying

Awakening Through Acro Yoga

How do we learn to fulfill our roles without being trapped by them?

How to trust your own intuitive heart as to what you listen to and where you go.

Is It OK to Hog a Table at Starbucks?

Looking closely at our small actions can help us move closer to who we want to be.

Podcast: Stuart Brody on Creating Habits of Integrity in a World of Mistrust

Is It OK to Hog a Table at Starbucks? A closer look at a small thing so many of us do.

Poem: The Yellow Boat

"It was already dropped / long ago. / You cannot venture out alone too far."

Rabbi Rami: How Can I help My Parents Trust God to Provide for Me?

Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveler

Radical Intuition: 3 Ways to Be True to Yourself

Being “true to yourself is the most revolutionary act,” writes author and intuitive development teacher Kim Chestney. Find your inner truth and you may just find that the world changes too.

Simple Human Kindness

Caring is a natural expression of our humanity.

The Two Ingredients of a Real Love Potion

If your mind cringes or your belly flip-flops while you read this, you’re not alone.

Trusting Love — One Tiny, Miraculous Moment at a Time

Some of our deepest wounds are from ones we loved. It’s time to take heart (and take some advice), it’s safe to start trusting love again. Here’s how.

Ways to Turbo Charge Your Brain

Smile, and you’ll experience how the body influences the brain. But how should we think about this relationship? Is a smile an input to the brain or an output from the brain — or b…