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3 Important Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai chi is a low-impact traditional Chinese medicine practice that engages the mind and body. The benefits of tai chi include increased mindfulness and focus, improved balance, and relief from chronic pain.

5 Stories to Explore Fun and Creative Mindful Movement

Moving mindfully is known to increase wellness and mental health (as it is a form of moving meditation). Make your movements intentional, yet fun and creative with the inspiration from these 5 stories.

Dantian: What "Move from your Center" Actually Means

According to many traditions, the energy center of the body lies in a specific location, known to house an abundance of life-force energy or qi. In Chinese Qigong it is called the …

Film Review: The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West

The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey WestBarry StrugatzFirst Run FeaturesIn 1964, a 63-year-old Chinese academic and doctor named Cheng Man-Ching moved to New York and began to teach t…

Go with the Flow

Movement has the power to heal, to cultivate strength, and to nourish the mind–body connection. Try these DVDs to explore your own dynamic flow—all from the comfort of home. …

Tai Chi Battles Depression

Three months of practicing the Chinese martial art of tai chi led to significantly reduced symptoms of depression in Chinese-Americans.

Tai Chi Slows Aging

Tai Chi is often described as meditation in motion. This ancient Chinese practice has many proven health benefits, from lowering stress levels and boosting memory to increasing fle…