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9 Tips to Detox Your Closet

“A closet detox is not simply decluttering—it’s emotional detox.”

Ayurveda in the Garden

There is no better time to synchronize with the rhythms of our cosmos than in late spring…

Clean Your House and Your Mind Will Follow

Cleaning the physical dirt around us is great cross-training for the work of cleaning the internal metaphorical messes we all face in life.

Spring Clean Your Diet

‘Tis the season for cleaning, but as you get out your vacuum and mop, consider spring-cleaning your diet.

Spring Cleaning for Home and Heart

We are all familiar with the concept of “spring cleaning” as a time for going through our physical belongings and removing the clothes that no longer fit, letting go of things we n…

Two Simple Ways to Purify Your Home

The intuitive and time-honored practice of clearing out our homes in the springtime looks good, feels good, and helps us breathe easy.