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Developing Self-Forgiveness and Self-Compassion as a Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse

"Tell someone you were sexually abused as a child and soon the word 'forgiveness' pops up. 'Have you forgiven your abusers?' the curious predictably ask. Why does this concern, I wonder, supersede others?"

Discover the Seven Gifts of Menopause

The developmental tasks of menopause move you closer to becoming more mature, courageous, and wise.

Discover Your Blueprint for Your Passionate Purpose

Finding the path that brings you the most joy requires inner awareness.

Discovering a Roadmap to Healing and Wholeness

“My father’s search to understand himself, humanity, and the nature of the universe we live in became his life’s greatest passion—a journey he would later call his quest for eternal sunshine.”

Diving Deep into The Celestial Sea

Sponsored Content from Marina de Nadous

Do You Struggle With Meditation?

Your meditation practice doesn’t have to be perfect.

Don’t Die Waiting to Be Brave

“Overcoming adversity and ultimately denying it the rite of passage, has been a constant and perpetual motive through my life.” — Heather Mills If you have ever said to your…

Don’t Let Your Genes Dictate Your Health Story

You do not have to live according to what's been written by your DNA.

Dreaming Techniques

Some dreams are so profound they stick with you forever, while others fade away just seconds after you wake up. “But the Dream Techie needs to remember a lot more than those occasional special ones. Here are some methods to help in remembering dreams.”

Elusive Healing

“I feel like I’m on the verge of a state of depression. It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning and do things because I can’t really walk or be on my feet for long. God. Please show me that you’re real. Please answer my prayers.”

Embracing Our Flaws

Instead of hiding who we are, we have to embrace the broken times and faults that make us beautiful.

Embracing the Push Toward a New Spiritual Calling

“The push came in my mid-50s. I encountered a clear call to engage more deeply and formally with my spiritual grounding.”

Everything Is Connected

Rob Bell, the New York Times bestselling author of Love Wins, has a new audiobook that is an invitation to see your life in a new way.

Everything Is Spiritual: The New Audiobook by Bestselling Author Rob Bell

Rob Bell, the New York Times bestselling author of Love Wins, has a new audiobook that is an invitation to see your life in a new way.

Experience Spirit Before You Die

The ancient Maya called the consciousness required to experience this state of Oneness the “jaguar body.”

Experience the Jewish Renewal Movement with Music

Kallah 2018 is a "gathering of the sparks" celebrating Aleph's transdenominational identity

Explore the Power of Stories at the 2020 Festival of Faiths

“A diverse lineup of speakers and artists will explore the power of stories to transform, to inspire and to heal individuals and communities.”

Fall in Love with the World Share-A-Mony

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Finding Joy In a World of Pain and Suffering

“Joy is found in discovering the bigger view, the purposefulness of the cycles of life, and the recognition that the cycle continues and never stops.”