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Tantric Meditation and Orgasmic Bliss

Bliss and pleasure are enhanced by presence. Imagine making love that way.

Ten Ways to Overcome Guilt and Perfectionism

Sponsored Content from New Harbinger Publications

The 'Sometimes' Feeling in Life

When you start on the most important, wondrous journey of self-discovery and unwrap the gift of yourself, you not only light up your life, you also lighten the burden of ‘sometimes’ in others just by being you!

The Angel Code

This book explores how you can experience personal transformation, peace, self-love, and self-acceptance through the angels’ tender love.

The Beautiful Future That Could Be

“Mr. Rogers showed us a small neighborhood where all the inhabitants lived peacefully with each other; it’s up to us to expand that vision.

The Benefit of no Benefit: Tree Gratitude Ceremonies

Let's become acquainted with the practice of ceremony which seeks no-benefit at all, gratitude.

The Divine Feminine - As Above So Below

Sponsored Content from James Olson

The End of Seeking

Sponsored Content from New Harbinger Publications

The Evolutionary Path of Spiritual Practice

When you engage with your next spiritual practice, remember you are entering into a sacred, tantric relationship. Turn yourself over to it completely.

The Far-Reaching Effects of Gluten Intolerance

Whether or not you suffer from celiac disease, the harsh truth is that we all have become gluten intolerant to a surprising degree.

The Feminine Nature of the Tao

“Having recognized the Tao in this intensely feminine way, I could not possibly refer to the Tao as anything other than “She.” There was no going back.”

The Gift of Failure: Tips on Transforming Setbacks into Success

“Allow disappointment to bring you back to your true essence by stripping away any inauthentic expectations, rediscovering your solid values and going forward with what really matters most to you.”

The Golden Rules of Psychic Development

This energy can be tapped by anyone who chooses to make an effort to tune into its subtle vibrations.

The Healing Power of Friendship

Sponsored Content from A24 Films

The Heart Within the Holidays

Learning to choose loving rituals that work in your family, that are meaningful, relaxed, realistic and reasonable, is as important and as individual as each of us.

The Heart’s Journey

Sponsored Content from Megan Edge

The Impermanence of Emotions

"The truth is, we all go through cycles of emotions and eventually return to neutral. We then remain in a neutral state of equilibrium until some stimulus acts on us again, and then we feel an emotion until it too fades away and we return to neutral again."

The Importance of Hearing from a Qualified Spiritual Teacher, Part 1 of 2

Jagad Guru teaches that the yoga of understanding comes by hearing wisdom from someone with true knowledge.

The Importance of Hearing from a Qualified Spiritual Teacher, Part 2 of 2

If you are considering following any path, you should look at where it is coming from.

The Importance of Learning to Breathe

The purpose of alternate-nostril breathing is to balance the left and right sides of the brain, and help you to relax and get centered.

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