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“What You Need to Know”

“If I could, I’d go back in time and join my younger self in the early morning hours of his wedding day.”

10 Daily Financial Practices To Make You Stretch and Grow

Being wealthy means having a sense of freedom in doing and having what you want and need. Try these daily practices to move forward.

10 Quick Journaling Power Prompts to Calm Your Mind

“Once your worries take over, it’s difficult to get back on track. ... When you face moments like these, turn to journaling to recenter yourself, assuage your fears, and calm your mind.”

13 Tips to Boost Confidence

For Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga Teachers

17 Sneaky Ways You Are Repressing Yourself

“You don’t have a procrastination problem, an accountability problem, or a personality problem.”

2 Exercises to Help You and Your Partner Grow Together

Odds favor you’re the one who will have to initiate the work needed to refresh your relationship. No problem. Start here.

3 Keys to Mastering Your Craft as a Writer and a Celebrant

How can we cultivate our capacity as human beings so that we can bring more of ourselves into our work and life?

3 Mindfulness Practices to Improve Your Ability to Lead

Chrissy Holm details three mindfulness practices that can improve your ability to lead others, as well as yourself during times of stress or discomfort.

3 Painful Relationship Patterns to Stop Now

Seeing our own stress, and realizing it’s in our partner too, is the beginning of meeting each other in a new way.

3 Reasons to be Optimistic for Our Future

Spiritual progress is breaking down outworn religious structures and bringing a new demand for justice in the political arena, and yet... many cling to the old ways. Why be optimistic today?

3 Simple Ways to Work Real Magic Today

Magic is a way of working with energy and vibration to create positive change according to your will.

3 Tips to Teach Meditation to Beginners

Have you ever felt called to share meditation?

3 Tools to Ignite Your Divine Purpose

“How can we honor our sacred calling of being of service in today’s rapidly changing world?”

​3 Ways to Heal the World with Food and Self-Care

Learn why Ayurveda is the healing you, and our planet, need now.

4 Steps Out Of ‘Can’t’ into ‘Can’

Move from the ‘can’t’ of the altered ego state into the possibilities that the soul is ready to embark upon.

4 Ways to Bring Your Authentic Self to Work Every Day

Authentic people live according to four practices that you can adopt in your daily life.

4 Ways to Change the Story of Your Health

If you’re having health challenges, there are four key ways to let go of your confusion, bring in some clarity.

5 Reasons You Need to Soak in Hot Springs

Hot springs are full-steam ahead on being the #1 luxury vacationers prioritize when picking their holiday destination. Why? Not only are they great for post-ski socializing, they work wonders for your body, physically and mentally.

5 Reasons You Need to Start Hiking in 2019

The forest engages all of your senses—your mind stills, and you reconnect to your soul.

5 Tips for Connecting to Your Akashic Records

The Akashic record is the ultimate database, the cosmic computer of all knowledge and wisdom. What do you want to know?