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3 Ways to Bring the Festival Home

Helpful tips to keep the fire burning from Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati

5 Lessons For Living Your Best Life From a Philosophical Theologian

Paul Tillich is one of the greatest philosophical theologians you’ve probably never heard of.

Book Review: The Grace in Living

The Grace in LivingRecognize It, Trust It, Abide in ItBy Kathleen Dowling SinghWisdom PublicationsKathleen Dowling Singh is a Dharma practitioner and respected author who’s written…

Create Your Own Simple, Primal Challenge

Find out What Happens When You Say, “I’ll Take This Watch”

Film Review: Looking for a Lady With Fangs and a Mustache

In this gentle, playful drama, a Nepalese entrepreneur looking to open a cool new coffee shop in Kathmandu is plagued by mysterious visions. Could they be the result of his cava…

Our Declaration of Spiritual Independence

If you value spiritual independence and the fundamental right to pursue the divine in your own unique way, celebrate Ralph Waldo Emerson on July 15th.

The Power of We: 3 Ways Qi Gong Can Heal

Sponsored Content from The Chi Center

Why We Must Express What is Inside

Sponsored Content from Kasey Claytor

Why We Should Listen to Mary

Even if she’s all in your head, she has something important to say