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10 Spiritual Leaders

We asked our readers to scout the spiritual landscape for emerging leaders who will help set our course for the decades to come. Your response was wildly enthusiastic, passionate, heartfelt, and all over the map (and the globe). Wow! What constitutes a spiritual path is becoming ever more diverse—and ever more likely to be led by women. In future issues, you’ll hear from more of your choices. We chose 10 (nine plus a wonderful collaboration of old and new) who represent your votes as well as our hopes for the spiritual future.

5 Questions for Anne Lamott

The perfectly imperfect Anne Lamott expounds on the merits of mercy in her new book, Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy.1. Embracing mercy for some of us can be a long road. Wh…

A Lifetime of Spiritual Evolution

Honoring our legendary founding editor, T George Harris

Achieve Mental and Emotional Balance in Life

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Book Review: A Call to Mercy

A Call to MercyHearts to Love, Hands to ServeBy Mother TeresaImage BooksBlessed Mother Teresa of Kolkata will be canonized by Pope Francis on September 4th, coinciding with the con…

Book Review: Waking from the Dream

Waking from the DreamThe Struggle for Civil Rights in the Shadow of Martin Luther King, Jr.By David L. ChappellRandom HouseMartin Luther King Jr. would be celebrating his 85th birt…

Chopra, Mincolla, and Bresson on The Way of Miracles

How do you heal? The Way of Miracles suggests a better kind of recovery.

Indulging the Totally Selfish Joys of Selfless Giving

Here’s the science behind creating a chain reaction of goodnessThough economists and grumps have long argued to the contrary, many spiritual traditions teach us that, at our core, …

Lessons Learned from the World Not Ending in 2012

Here we are, it’s finally happened! The end (and restarting) of the Mayan calendar, 11:11 a.m. December 21, 2012. Ironically, there was a while there when I thought frantically abo…

Our Declaration of Spiritual Independence

If you value spiritual independence and the fundamental right to pursue the divine in your own unique way, celebrate Ralph Waldo Emerson on July 15th.

Podcast: Contemplating on Plastic with Dianna Cohen

Dianna Cohen shares her artistic process and the influence plastic—in form and toxicity—has made on it.

Podcast: Progressive Minister Rev. Jes Kast

Pastor Jes Kast talks about dignity and honoring the divinity in our fellow humans.

Re/VIEW: Robert Thurman

Thurman’s odyssey is remarkable and ongoing.

Sadhguru on North American Tour with Release of New Book

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Spiritual Radicals: A New Spirituality

These seven spiritual leaders represent a variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and traditions. They are creating change on the ground, touching lives, and helping to define the future of spirituality.

The Way of Silence: An Interview with Adyashanti

When people allow themselves to connect with what their spiritual life is about for them—what their deep questions are, what their deep yearning is—then they have all the vitality they need

Woking Up With Forgiveness and Compassion

"I worry sometimes that outrage, even when completely justified, can blind us to spiritual values such as forgiveness and compassion, and that fury can drive us to sacrifice offenders on the altar of social change rather than treat them as individuals with the capacity to learn, grow, and reform."