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Honoring Life Itself as a Ceremony and Spiritual Practice

An excerpt from A Ceremony Called Life

Hot Springs Havens

Soothing getaways for soaking

How I Finally Awakened from My Past Lives

Sometimes an unnecessary burden can be very useful

How to Develop Transcendent Self-Confidence

“Through the consistent practices of self-compassion and meditation, I’ve discovered a few perspective shifts that have transformed my sense of self-worth.”

How to Find a Spiritual Advisor

A spiritual advisor can fill a basic human need. Connection and spiritual guidance are essential for continuing along a spiritual journey.

How to Meet Your Spirit Guide

Are you feeling alone, facing difficult times, and in need of guidance? Discover how to contact your spirit guide through meditation.

Imagery as a Spiritual Practice

Let your imagination lead you into an inner realm of emotional discovery and spiritual growth.

Journey of a Shaman

Sponsored Content from Balboa Press

More Than Hybrids: Spiritual Seekers on a Spacious Path

Those who venture beyond their original spiritual tradition say they aren’t “hybrids.” Instead, they’re seeking wholeness.

Music Review: The Spirit of Healing

The Spirit of HealingShamanic Journey Musicby Sandra Ingerman & Byron MetcalfSounds TrueThere’s a lot to be said for music that’s grounded in rhythmic repetition and smooth, or…

Noah Time Like Today

Sometimes you just need an Egyptian vulture named Bob to lead you in the right direction.

Our Community Journal: Carrying the Karma

Reflections on the journey of our feet

Our Walk in the World: Going Off the Deep End

Life simply and harshly demands that we dive into the depth of what we’re given, meeting life, not avoiding it.

Podcast: Connie Zweig, Shifting From Role to Soul

Psychotherapist and author Connie Zweig discusses aging and midlife, fear, cultivating deeper awareness, and much more.

Podcast: James Jeffrey, The Camino De Santiago Vibe

Journalist James Jeffrey highlights his experiences on the Camino De Santiago pilgrimage and explores walking as a spiritual practice.

Podcast: John Pavlovitz, If God Is Love Don’t Be a Jerk

Pastor, writer, and activist John Pavlovitz discusses finding a new calling and attempting to transform ministry, “unboxing God,” exploring mystical Christianity, and much more.

Podcast: Pamela Seelig, Threads of Yoga

Rabbi Rami and Pamela Seelig discuss the yoga sutras, quieting the mind, yoga as an antidote, the eight-limb path, and more.

Podcast: Robert Thurman, Wisdom Is Bliss

The first ordained American Buddhist monk in the Tibetan tradition, Robert Thurman explores his relationship with the Dalai Lama, Buddhism in America, preserving Tibetan culture, where evil comes from, and much more.

Poem: A Deeper Existence

"Follow your fatigue. / It will lead you on a winding road / towards the truth you've been avoiding."

Rabbi Rami: How Do I Afford to Make a Pilgrimage?

Q: I long to go on a pilgrimage, but lack the funds to do so. Any suggestions?A: My understanding of pilgrimage comes from Genesis 12:1–3, where we are called to walk (lech) to our…