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Animism and Nature Reverence

What is animism? Animism beliefs recognize that all things in this world are intelligent and have agency.

Book Review: ​Holy Rascals

Spirituality & Health columnist Rabbi Rami Shapiro won’t tell you that your religious beliefs are silly and superstitious. However, he might tell you a joke that leads you to disco…

Book Review: Undivided

UndividedA Muslim Daughter, Her Christian Mother, Their Path to PeaceBy Patricia Raybon and Alana RaybonTHOMAS NELSONA Muslim, a Christian, and a lapsed Catholic walk into a book r…

Care of the Soul: Spiritual Complexes

Don't ignore or repress your complexes, instead try to befriend them

Defining the Indefinable

“Spiritual” starts to lose its meaning when you turn on the TV and hear a middle-aged guy in a car commercial use the “S” word to describe the feeling he gets when he climbs beh…

Sensing the Yin & Yang of Food

No place is more central to our acts of celebration than the dining room table. As you look forward to the sanctity and promised revelry of the upcoming holidays, allow yourself to…

Spirituality and Luck

Do you think you won a jackpot by being born? Rabbi Rami takes on spirituality and luck.

The Art of Compassion

Our local sangha wasn’t able to have our four-hour sitting yesterday because of a huge snowstorm, which knocked out power at the Unitarian church where we meet. I just got back fr…

The Spiritual Meaning of Lower Back Pain

Seeking and acknowledging the spiritual meaning of lower back pain can set you on a course for recovery.