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16 Affirmations to Help Connect with Your Spirit Guides

We have an energic support system around us at all times, but it’s up to us to reach out and build this connection. Affirmations can help!

Boy or Girl? Knowing Your Child as Spirit

It's important to support trans children who identify as a specific gender or not exclusively as the gender they were assigned at birth. We can also know our children as spirits with both masculine and feminine energies.

Cultivating the Values of Your Practice

Rabbi Rami shares his personal practice for elevating awareness and compassion to bring thoughts, actions, and values into alignment.

Guided Meditation: Connecting to Spirit

Spirit is always with you in whatever form makes sense to you.

Safely Negotiating the Spiritual Minefield

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Searching for Nymphs: The Power of Belief

When I was a child, every summer I would visit the family farm in upstate New York, sometimes spending the entire season in the old farmhouse that had no running water and seemed t…

Staying Sane with Meditative Archery

Meditative archery can help you connect mind, body, and spirit.

VIDEO: The Meditation Gardens of Self-Realization Fellowship

On this episode, witness spirit and nature dancing together at the meditation gardens of Self Realization Fellowship's Lake Shrine and Encinitas Retreat and Hermitage in Southern C…

Wild Quest

Quests are fundamental to the human experience. Read to discover why four days in the woods can change everything.