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Entries tagged with “Self-Discovery”

7 Ways to Make Yoga Class a Self-Discovery Goldmine

Set an intention for your next yoga class to discover something new about yourself.

A Mind Shaped by Gardening

Adapted excerpt from The Well-Gardened Mind by Sue Stuart-Smith. (Copyright © 2020 by Sue Stuart-Smith. Reprinted by permission of Scribner, an Imprint of Simon & Schuster Inc.)

Deciphering the Signs of Your Intuition

Understanding the difference between genuine intuition and a bout of paranoia.

Discovering Your Dependable Strengths

Identify and understand your strengths as a path toward self-discovery.

How to Follow Your Dreams

A retreat can bring more balance into our lives so we can move boldly towards our biggest dreams. 

Islands, Waves, Anchors: Why Your Attachment Style Matters

How do you attach to others? Discover attachment styles and why they matter.

Keeping a Soul Print Journal

A unique approach to capturing special moments in your life.

Learn How to Lucid Dream as a Tool for Self-Discovery

If you’ve ever wished you had the power to control your dreams, a process called lucid dreaming, you’ve now got a good reason to try—not that it wouldn’t be nice to be able to put …

Making (Good) Gut Decisions

Your gut can be a really important source of wisdom in your life.

Practicing Self-Appreciation through Gratitude Journaling

How you talk too and treat yourself are the biggest contributors to establishing how you truly feel.

Seeing from the Soul's Perspective

Explore a new relationship with reality by shifting consciousness from the personality/ego to the soul. 

Seeing Ourselves Through Nature

We can reconnect to ourselves, gaining a deeper, fuller understanding of who we are, by reconnecting to nature.

Self-Discovery through Your Circle of Friends

If your friends bring out the best in you, what can you learn about yourself during that reveal?

The 'Sometimes' Feeling in Life

When you start on the most important, wondrous journey of self-discovery and unwrap the gift of yourself, you not only light up your life, you also lighten the burden of ‘sometimes’ in others just by being you!

The Examined Life: An Expedition

Dig into your old journals, photo albums, and see what you can learn about yourself.

Walking the Labyrinth for Self-Discovery

"If you walk embracing the principle that you are walking the labyrinth to learn about yourself, rather than it, you will become aware of your tendencies. This awareness will offer you the opportunity to experiment with other options, other ways of being, to try them on to see if they are a better fit."

Whose Energy Am I Using?

Learning to replay and observe the energy of every day interactions frees up space for autonomy and self-actualization.

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