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What We Yearn For

If you’re thirsty, you crave water. If you’re hungry, you want food. If you’re lonely, you yearn for companionship. Once our basic needs are met, we sometimes strive for perfection…

What White People Don’t Know—or Don’t Admit

Believe it or not, as a blond haired, blue-eyed gal, I was the senior editor of Chicken Soup for the African American Soul and African American Woman’s Soul. While, yes, two of the…

What Women Really Want with John and Julie Gottman

Eve Hogan talks to John Gottman, PhD and Julie Schwartz Gottman, PhD about their new book The Man's Guide to Women: Scientifically Proven Secrets from the "Love Lab" About What Wom…

What Would Mister Rogers Say?

“We speak with more than our mouths. We listen with more than our ears.”

What Would Perfect Look Like?

I’d say we had at least 15 people coming and going for our meditation group’s four-hour sitting on Sunday. It’s great when you’re able to come even for an hour. The more often we c…

What Would Spirituality Look Like if We Could Live Forever?

Thanatology focuses on life extension, but what role would religion play in our lives if we no longer feared death?

What Would the Dalai Lama Do?

Contemplating creativity, compassion, mindfulness, and body image with singer/songwriter Amanda Palmer

What Would You Do for Your Bored Rhinoceros?

Because no species is prepared to deal with an absence of environmental unpredictability

What Would You Do Today If You Didn't Despise Yourself?

Those of us who struggle with low self-esteem tend to shun whatever activities might conceivably make us lose, drool or look ridiculous. This avoidance is not entirely conscious. W…

What Would You Want to Be Famous For?

My fame reached its apex in 2010, when within six months my writing attracted more attention—including three appearances on national TV—than it has ever done during any other half-…

What You Should Know about Himalayan Sea Salt

Oh how I jumped for joy when I heard the news that there was, in fact, a salt that was good for my health. But wait. Isn’t salt a huge no no? A dietary poison of sorts, contribut…

What Your Headache Is Trying to Tell You

We all have headaches—and, thus, often just accept them. But what is actually causing that pounding head? And what is it trying to tell you?

What Your Intuition Wants You to Know—and Tips to Access it

The intuition’s most important role is to alert us to the path, people, and circumstances that we will find uniquely fulfilling.

What Your Nails Can Tell You About Your Health

Anything going on inside your body will eventually appear on the outside—and your fingernails are a prime place for these changes to manifest.

What's in Your Tea?

Next time you hit the grocery store, look out for the real stuff in your tea.

What's It Really Like to Be ... an Animal Psychic?

Six questions for professional animal communicator Maia Kincaid.

What's Lurking On Your Toothbrush?

Your worst fear about your toothbrush is… true. Sorry, germophobes, but a new study presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology confirmed that fecal ma…

What's Missing From Medicine: A Physician's Take on Overcoming Chronic Illness

Saray Stancic, MD, board-certified physician and the subject of the documentary Code Blue, explores what's missing in medicine and chronic illness treatment.

What's the (Gray) Matter?

New research shows that our brains’ gray matter holds secrets to understanding ourselves.

What's the One and Only New Year's Resolution That People With Low Self-Esteem Should Make?

This is the time of year -- and pretty much the only time of year -- when the plural noun "resolutions" comes into frequent usage. Suddenly every blog, magazine and TV talk show ex…