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A New Primer for Psychic Research

“Something unknown is doing we don’t know what” — this is how physicist Arthur Eddington described the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal, the vexing fact that science can never pin …

Book Review: First Intelligence

First IntelligenceUsing the Science & Spirit of IntuitionBy Simone WrightNew World LibraryA few decades ago, mind-reading and precognition were hailed as lofty powers, possesse…

Book Review: Take The Leap - What It Really Means To Be Psychic

The universal mind is a source that is accessible to those willing to dedicate the time and effort needed to become versed in the psychic realm, asserts Michelle A. Beltran in her …

How to Initiate Connection with Your Spirit Guides

A psychic medium shares the fundamentals of psychic development

Rabbi Rami: Are Psychics Worth It?

I’m seeing a psychic. She isn’t cheap, but she’s very helpful. My friends say she’s ripping me off. Are psychics real? Are they worth it? Rabbi Rami: If this woman is providing yo…

The Difference Between Spiritual Advisors and Psychics

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The Golden Rules of Psychic Development

This energy can be tapped by anyone who chooses to make an effort to tune into its subtle vibrations.

What to Tell Your Kids about Intuition, Intention, and Psychic Abilities

As a research scientist and former president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, has studied intuition, intention, and the possibility of psychic abilities f…

What's It Really Like to Be ... an Animal Psychic?

Six questions for professional animal communicator Maia Kincaid.

Why We Should Listen to Mary

Even if she’s all in your head, she has something important to say