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A Celebration of Love

Product of the Week: Jamu Javanese Lulur Scrub When you marry ancient spiritual traditions from Asia with years of experience formulating herbal remedies in the area, you’re likel…

A Personalized Wellness Experience

Finding the time, money, and resources to exercise can be challenging for the average person, especially for those who lack experience or knowledge in the field. Many of us juggle …

Ancient Art of Incense

If you don’t already use it daily, you may associate incense with your college years—the familiar smell and smoke in dorm rooms masking, well, other familiar smells associate…

Beauty with Intention

A product review of Red Flower Arctic Berry Milk Cream and Illuminating Rose Collagen Renewal Face Serum.

Home for Good Karma

Yoga offers the opportunity for pure connection. Connection to breath, to movement, to spirit. Teachers inspire by telling their students to just show up, on the mat, bringing with…

Product Review: Chocolate

Your fearless Spirituality Squad braves the demands of a healthy chocolate taste test.

Product Review: Coconut Water

We recently raided the fridge at the local yoga studio to see what people were drinking: coconut water. (Don’t confuse it with coconut oil or milk; the nearly clear water is found…

Relax with Binaural Beats

Product of the Week: Total Relaxation with Hemi-Sync

The Humble Loaf

Product Review: Gluten-free Bread