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3 Exercises to Strengthen (and Relax) Your Pelvic Floor

Simple exercises that anyone can do to increase pelvic floor awareness and tone the muscles for strength and suppleness.

Caring for a Postpartum Body

Childbirth necessitates changes to your body, as does caring for your baby after. Love and take care of your postpartum body.

Easing Postpartum Neck and Shoulders

Try these exercises when carrying, cuddling, nursing, picking up, and holding your baby causes the muscles in your chest to shorten and pulls the shoulder blades apart.

Guided Meditation: Postpartum Healing

Tap into a white-light energy to cultivate postpartum healing in this short meditation.

Happily Eating After ...

The best foods for life’s challenging healing moments.

Living in the Now Through Ritual

Let go of nostalgia and start living for today through ritual. "It is essential to our sense of belonging ... that we mark the moments of transition in our lives."

Loving a Postpartum Body

Your one-and-only body has done something transformative. Embrace it.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation: Caring for a Postpartum Body

Slowly regain strength and power with these practices for pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Postpartum Yoga: Caring for a Postpartum Body

Caring for a new baby puts you in positions that strain certain areas—postpartum yoga for the shoulders, neck, and back can help.

Training Our Mind for Endurance

Mental training can help us get through horrible physical experiences—even childbirth!