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Entries tagged with “Poem”

A Journey in Listening

In honor of Mother’s Day and my own mother, who passed away of Lou Gehrig’s Disease, or ALS, eight years ago, I thought I would share the poem I wrote the morning she died. A …

Living Wide Open

I will not die an unlived life.I will not live in fearof falling or catching fire.I choose to inhabit my days,to allow my living to open me,to make me less afraid,more accessible;t…

Poem: A Ream of Paper

“It may be that poetry’s work is preparatory, like the work of the earthworms in garden soil.”

Poem: After Thoreau

“I want to just drowse, / eyelids witness / to curtains of gold swaying ”

Poem: American Persimmon

“Some things are best / enjoyed alone. Some things can only be / enjoyed alone.”

Poem: And That Mysterious Word Holy

“What does that say about holy? / How much power it doesn’t have— / Thou shalt not kill crumpled under our feet.”


"Each time I turn a page, / my skin seems to shiver. / Each time I blink, / my lashes are spider legs."

Poem: Collector

“I comb the shore for collectibles, / easily discarded things / to hang on my inspirational wall.”


"to turn the world inside out, this / delicate force that sometimes hugs / itself so tightly, the fears seem to break"

Poem: Falcon

“How close to human / must the breathed-in air come / before it develops a sense of shame or humor?”

Poem: Fighting the Instrument

"The storm is not as important / as the path it opens."

Poem: from The Truth About Magic

"let the water be weak / so our coffee is strong / so we can stay up late to dance."

Poem: Gemseed by Mark Nepo

“Loving yourself is like / feeding a clear bird / no one else can see.”


"When clouds gather / in the aisle of my mind, / eyebrows withering into space,"

Poem: Hands

“she showed me what she knew— / how to settle alongside lamplight / and fill my lap with skeins”

Poem: I Promise You

"We try like birds awakened by / a tone of light to fly into each / other’s need. And always / wind throws us off."

Poem: Knowing, Drinking, and Seeking

"This being human is a series of / blindnesses that come and go. / But we can outlive our mistakes,"

Poem: Moonlight

“You move with / spirit and grace, / and the stars / bow down”

Poem: Most Valuable

“You want to love fully, yet at the same time / you have to keep a measure of love / for yourself.”

Poem: Mothershell

“I stand here now, gathering shells / whenever they appear. I hold them up / to my ears.”

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