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7 Essential Medicinal Mints You Can Grow and Use in Teas

Herbs from the mint family are not only pharmacologically powerful, but can be easily grown throughout the year.

A Gardener’s Awakening

Michael Pollan discusses his new book, exploring the relationship between humans and three plant products that have shaped human culture and history: caffeine, mescaline, and opium.

Are You Plant Blind?

Just by occasionally focusing on the natural world, you can bring more joy, peace, and wisdom into your life.

Aromatherapy for Cold and Flu Season

SPONSORED CONTENTAromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essences (also known as essential oils) that have been extracted from different parts of a plant. They are actually not oily…

Ayahuasca Does Not Deceive

Amazonia expert explores ayahuasca from the perspective of an elder of the indigenous Shawi people.

Beauty in Common Places

Two Poet-Professors Turn a Garden Weed into a Wonder.

Care of the Soul: The Veggie Soul

When I studied medieval philosophy in college, I learned that a human being has a rational, animal, and vegetable soul. At the time, it was all a matter of definitions and categori…

Flowering Plants Speed Recovery from Surgery

If you want to help speed the recovery of a hospital patient who’s had surgery, bring a flowering plant, preferably a potted plant, suggests a recent study by the Department of Hor…

Geri Larkin: When Flowers Talk

8 Fragrant Ways to Tell Your Love Story

Iwígara: Embracing the Spirituality of Plants

Thinking of botanical entities as relatives, what might we learn from connecting to our earth-tethered kin?

Learning the Personalities of Plants

The wisdom, comfort, and health that come from deeply knowing your relatives

Plant Totems

Excerpt from Nature Spirituality From the Ground Up: Connect with Totems in Your Ecosystem

Planting by the Moon

Does it help to be able to see your seeds?

The First Muslim

To do justice to a prophet’s story, a biographer must also be like a shadow puppeteer, using both skill and sensitivity to demonstrate how small gestures can project larger-than-li…

Tough Times for Organic Plants Help Us Live Longer

In periods of drought, mildew-causing humidity, and other adverse growing conditions, the pinot noir vines at Robert Sinskey Vineyards in California’s Napa Valley undergo a subtle …