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3 Exercises to Strengthen (and Relax) Your Pelvic Floor

Simple exercises that anyone can do to increase pelvic floor awareness and tone the muscles for strength and suppleness.

A Hidden Path to Stress Relief

Most of us have been unconsciously clutching the pelvic floor so consistently, and for so long, that we’re not even aware we’re stuck in an unnaturally frozen and weakened state.

Body as Compass: A Meditation for Decision Making

Tap into what you truly desire with this meditation that honors the mind, the heart, and the pelvic floor as valid sources of information.

Engage My What?! Decoding the Core

The most important instruction you’ll get in a yoga class may also sound like the most ridiculous one: “Engage your peeing muscles.” “Engage your vaginal walls like you were holdin…

Find Your Voice with the Deep Core Line

“Just remember,” I told my friend right before she got onstage to perform a poem to a room full of strangers, “Speak from your vagina!” She laughed, but she knew I was serious. As…

Guided Meditation: Pelvic Floor Wellness

This meditation involves gentle, relaxed breathing and some light muscular engagement.

Making a Choice With the Body

Your head might consider a dilemma logically, the belly intuitively or emotionally, and the pelvic floor will provide information about which scenario feels safer.

Meditation to Release Stress: Relax the Jaw and Pelvic Floor

Relax your jaw and repattern away from stress with this guided meditation.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation: Caring for a Postpartum Body

Slowly regain strength and power with these practices for pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Secrets of the Pelvic Floor

This often-neglected part of the body has a lot to say if you know how to listen.

The Spiritual Meaning of Incontinence

How does the flow of energy connect to physical and spiritual leaks?

The Spiritual Meaning of Pelvic Floor Pain

Pelvic floor pain can arise from physical dysfunction as well as blocked energy.

The Spiritual Meaning of Vaginal Infections

The spiritual meaning of vaginal infections may stem from the metaphorical penetration of toxic energy.

Using the Pelvic Floor as an Energetic Gateway

“For years, consciously contracting my pelvic floor when I felt unsafe or when I needed a little more power and confidence was really helpful for me … It creates a kind of energetic shield of protection between me and the world.”