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Trying to Be a Good Meditator

We started a new chapter of our book, One Dharma in our meditation group on Sunday: “Purifying the Mind.” Here’s part of the opening poem, by the 13th century Sufi mystic called Ru…

Trying to be a Good Person

What a good talk we had yesterday evening about the second (of the traditional Buddhist 6) skillful actions: sila, or morality. We didn’t get far in Goldstein’s chapter, “Acting fo…

Tshi Proverb on Cooperation and Collaboration.

If everyone helps to hold up the sky then one person does not become tired

Tshi Proverb on unity and collaboration

If everyone helps to hold up the sky then one person does not become tired

Tune Into Your Major Chakra to Design Your Optimal Sacred Space

Create a sacred space in your home. First find your major chakra, then discover the aesthetic that fits that chakra’s energy.

Tuning In to Your Turn-Ons

Appreciating the sexual feelings in our everyday lives

Tuning Our Lute Strings

I’m thinking of this week’s discussion in our local meditation group through the lens of Joseph Goldstein’s quote in his book, One Dharma: “As awareness becomes steadier and concen…

Turmeric: The Healing Spice

Easy ways to benefit from nature's golden treasure.

Turn Everything Into a Self-Esteem Game-Changer

Low self-esteem is hard to lift. Unlike high self-esteem, which is primed to respond rapidly to even slight praise—You love my new haircut? Me too!—low self-esteem is notoriously s…

Turn to Nature With Your Grief

Nature has the capacity to hold all of our grief and sorrow. Being in nature reminds us that cycles of renewal are part of our reality.

Turn Your Weekend into a Retreat

Guidelines for designing your own intentional retreat.

Turning the Tide against Fracking

Love. It may sound corny, but it’s what drove Sandra Steingraber to spark an uprising against an industry focused on short-term economic gain at the expense of long-term environmen…

Turning to the Morning: Sunset Rituals

By Lissin Lev ChayaEver since I was little, no matter where I was, I knew when the sun was going down. When I moved to the Pacific Ocean 15 years ago, my awareness became a daily s…

Twitter Chat: Shakti Gawain

Join us at @spirithealthmag for a live Twitter chat with author and teacher Shakti Gawain at @ShaktiGawainOne where we’ll discuss her new book The Relationship Handbook. Tag questi…

Two Great Minds, Two Spiritual Conversions

Don Lattin writers about Gerald Heard’s impact on Aldous Huxley in Distilled Spirits—Getting High, then Sober, with a Famous Writer, a Forgotten Philosopher, and a Hopeless Drunk. To learn more, go to www.donlattin.com.

Two Lessons from 30 Years as a Therapist

INDEPENDENCE STEMS FROM INTERDEPENDENCE: Unable to drive due to a foot problem emanating from my lower back, I found that to get to my psychotherapy practice, support group, or the…

Two Minutes with Eve Ensler

Best known for her groundbreaking play The Vagina Monologues, and as a founder of V-Day, a movement to call attention to violence against women, Eve Ensler reveals her harrowing st…

Two New Books for Finding Real Joy in Relationships

Two new books in the field of positive psychology show us how to find real-life joy in our relationships.