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After the War: Healing Native American Veterans

Many hospitals and treatment centers have begun offering holistic therapies for Native American veterans, many of whom are looking for a more spiritual approach to healing post tra…

Book Reviews: Upside

UpsideThe New Science of Post-Traumatic GrowthBy Jim RendonTOUCHSTONEIf you’re feeling sorry for yourself about something minor—let’s say you’re in the second week of a wicked cold…

Bouncing Forward

An excerpt from Bouncing Forward from Michaela Haas, PhD

Creating Calm From Chaos

The issue of stress is rampant in our culture. Mindful Yoga Therapy, supported by Give Back Yoga Foundation, is offering a path to healing for these individuals.

Go in Peace

A documentary filmmaker discovers a healing process that helps veterans facing the end of life and struggling to resolve their past.

How Horses Can Heal Humans

Therapeutic horseback riding helps veterans with PSTD

How to Use EMDR Therapy

EMDR takes traumatic memories and removes the anxiety connected with them. It can create healing that seems magical.

Light Therapy Shows Promise for Gulf War Syndrome

It could be a scene from a futuristic 80’s movie: A helmeted, goggled man sits in a chair while the little diodes in his cap shoot tiny beams of light into his scalp and nostrils. …

The Psychedelic Touch

Explore how drugs like LSD have helped veterans overcome the trauma of war.

The Upside of Stress

The stress response is your best ally during difficult moments—a resource to rely on rather than an enemy to vanquish.

The Value of Mental Pictures

How One Woman Fights PTSD With Guided Imagery