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Creative Clash

Director Jessica Habie speaks about her new film Mars at Sunrise, her story of imprisoned Palestinian painter Khaled, and his Israeli interrogator Eyal, himself a frustrated artist.

Film Review: After Spring

After SpringDirected by Ellen Martinez and Steph ChingBusBoy ProductionsDocumenting the day-to-day lives of the families and administrators at Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp, d…

Film Review: We Are the Giant

We Are the GiantDirected by Greg BarkerMusic Box FilmsGreg Barker’s documentary about the Arab Spring has a subtle conceit at its heart. It follows three different stories of activ…

Music Review: Ancient Sufi Invocations & Forgotten Songs from Aleppo

Ancient Sufi Invocations & Forgotten Songs from AleppoNawaElectric Cowbell RecordsJust as Amazon rainforests, North Pole icebergs, and Ganges River dolphins have become en…

Music Review: The Fourth Light

The Fourth LightNiyazSIX DEGREE RECORDS Led by vocalist Azam Ali and multi-instrumentalist Loga R. Torkian, the Iranian-American group Niyaz crafts an exquisite braid of tradition…

re/VIEW: Naomi Shihab Nye

Naomi Shihab Nye is a celebrated poet, anthologist, and novelist. S&H speaks with her about her life, her work, and her faith.

The Very Best Way to Pray for Peace

How a CIA analyst began an interfaith quest for citizen diplomacy