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Are There Rules for Meditation?

Commit and enjoy, but resist dwelling or patting yourself on the back. And don’t guru-hop.

Is Meditation Teacher Training Right for Me?

With interest in spirituality surging, the need for qualified meditation teachers has grown. Is meditation teacher training right for you?

Making Distinctions

This week our local Sangha, or meditation group, started our study of One Dharma, by Joseph Goldstein. I read this book years ago, but I come to it new, now, as I’m in a different …

On the Passing of Michael Stone and Mental Health in the Yoga Community

Yoga, self-care, and alternative forms of medicine cannot always fix everything.

Open-Hearted Connection

Excerpt from Shift into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness by Loch Kelly

What is the Mind?—A Meditator’s Guide

Sponsored Content from Light Of The Spirit Monastery

What to do When Your Mind Starts to Growl

An interview with Sylvia Boorstein

Why Is It So Difficult to Be Happy?

The mystic Osho talks about “happiness” and “misery,” and turns the conventional wisdom about these seemingly polar opposites on its head.

Why People Don’t Meditate ... Even If They Want To

Why is it so hard to jumpstart a meditation practice even when you really want to? There are generally two reasons why people don’t meditate.