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Happily Ever After Starts at the Beginning

I have performed hundreds of weddings and have come to the conclusion (completely unverified) that you can tell a lot about the dynamics of the marriage by how the couple behaves w…

How Mood Can Destroy—or Save—a Marriage

Take a moment to reflect on how often your bad mood or bad attitude gets spewed all over your most significant others.

Limits to My Liberalism

Rabbi Rami warns of the slippery slope of rat-aardvark marriage.

Love on Lockdown: Your Relationship Can Survive

Pandemic wasn’t one of the vows. How to hunker down with someone and love them still.

Marriage on the Installment Plan

The recent conversations about same-sex marriage have got me thinking. Someone on a talk show pointed out that the argument for “traditional marriages” was questionable, since marr…

Men, Friendship, and Infidelity

“What happens when the vulnerability he’s feeling is about something in the marriage itself—an issue he does not know how to bring up with his wife?”

Romance Unplugged with Daniel Jones

The editor of the New York Times column “Modern Love,” and the author of Love Illuminated, a new collection of essays about marriage and relationships, Daniel Jones reflects on the…

Science & Spirit: Curcumin, Happy Spouses, and the Divine

This week’s research dive found lasting effects from a spiritual encounter, reasons to try curcumin, and why having a happy spouse can help you live longer.

Secure Attachment for Couples: Think Like Anchors

Want a healthy, thriving relationship? Understanding attachment styles can get you there.

Sex Outside Marriage: Possibility or Pipe Dream?

Dear Eve,I’ve been married 30 years. My wife has several health ailments, because of which our love style has changed. We are no longer having sex. I’m in very good health, approa…


Dear Eve,I am writing because I’m in a funk. I have a wonderful marriage of almost four years. We are extremely open-minded and fun-loving individuals and through the years I have …

So You Think You Want a Divorce

If truth be told, I think every person in a marriage has questioned whether they married the right person at least once along the way. Either that or we get caught in the “grass wo…

Start with Heart: 3 Steps to a Healthier Relationship

While practicing self-observation recently, I noticed that my automatic impulse is to retract my energy when something uncomfortable or potentially emotionally painful is going on.…

Swinging in a Marriage: Good Idea or Bad?

Dear Eve,Is it “normal” for your husband, age 54, married 24 years, with two children together, to start wanting you to have sex with other men? He wants to be involved, too. I am …

Tangos and Food Trucks: The Alchemical Dance in Marriage

Joseph Campbell describes the second stage of marriage as a place of alchemy, “of the two experiencing that they are one.” Taking the time to dance together can make that alchemy happen.

The 3 Phases of Every Relationship

Seana McGee and Maurice Taylor, married psychotherapists and authors of The New Couple, explain how understanding the phases of your relationship can help you stay in love.Intoxica…

The Definition of Marriage has Changed—Again

Why all the fuss from conservatives about the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) being struck down? Someone recently asked me how this Supreme Court decision made me feel. Tears …

The Love Map Questionnaire

An excerpt from The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

The Power of “Thank You” in a Marriage

Want a great marriage? Be grateful.

The Story Worth Telling

Share the story of how you met with energy, enthusiasm, and expressiveness.