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19 Affirmations For Listening

Here are some affirmations to help build up that listening stamina.

All Natural: A Skeptic’s Quest to Discover If the Natural Approach to Diet, Childbirth, Healing, and the Environment Really Keeps Us Healthier and Happier

By Nathanael JohnsonRodaleAward-winning journalist Nathanael Johnson sorts fact from frenzy in this hybrid memoir/reporting journey. His thorough, sometimes-graphic research on the…

Design Therapy

Does your décor reveal your secret anxieties? Never fear—holistic design expert Laura Benko is here.

Essential Life Skill Four: Realign with your Authentic Self

This is part four of a series featuring the Five Essential Life Skills. The first three skills were: Remembering Who You Really Are, Self-Observation, and Transcending the Ego/ Let…

Fear or Intuition?

Fear and intuition are hard to tell apart.

Fresh Paint

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Holiday Hazard: Walking While Distracted

Yet another reason to put away that phone.

How to Break the Spell of Fear

When you take control, you break fear’s spell. The concept is simple, but is difficult to accomplish because fear is the ultimate enabler. I saw that clearly when I went blind.

How to See (What I See)?

See what I see? It's natural to want to pass our vision of the world onto those close to us. But a better, and harder, approach is to try and share what worked on our personal journey to vision.

Prioritize Your Priorities!

Living an authentic, conscious life now requires us to manage ourselves like modern multinationals. Here’s how!

The Confidence Gap

The Confidence Gap: A Guide to Overcoming Fear and Self-DoubtBy Russ HarrisCan you think back to a time when an opportunity presented itself, and you let it pass you by? Perhaps yo…

The Fifth Essential Life Skill: Taking Aligned Action

This is part five of a series featuring the Five Essential Life Skills. The first four skills were: Remembering Who You Really Are, Self-Observation, Transcending the Ego/Letting G…

The Free-Range Brain

Brain imaging studies help us understand different forms of thought patterns.

The Happiness Track: One Truly Urgent Interruption

Get more done faster and better. That seems to be everyone’s modus operandi these days. And with a new year starting, you too may be resolving to become more efficient by procrasti…

The Source of Flow & The Battle of the Bottleneck

To protect one source of profound happiness, you need to know how your brain creates it. A brain surgeon explains.

Want to Feel Happier? Value Your Time

Work less and be happier.

When Loyalty and Integrity Clash

When I was in my twenties, my dad gave me a Franklin Day Planner and an audiotape on time management. The speaker was Hyrum Smith, co-founder of Franklin Covey. He offered the exer…

Your Struggles Don't Define You

For better or worse, challenge is an ingrained part of growth and awakening. All of us have struggles at some point or another. But some who face challenges are happy; some are no…