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​8 Ways to Feel More at Home in a New House

Moving is exciting—and stressful. Here are ways to make your new space feel more “you.”

A Mountain Pose That Claimed My Career

Warning: Yoga may cause you to reassess your life's purpose and—gasp!—go for it.

Aging With Humility (We’re Not Indispensable)

Think of yourself as a leaf on a tree. Contributing what we can while realizing we’re not indispensable releases us to appreciate our own life cycle.

Book Review: Break the Norms

Break the NormsQuestioning Everything You Think You Know about God and Truth, Life and Death, Love and SexBy Chandresh BhardwajSounds TrueAre you ready to overhaul your life and fr…

Book Review: Leave Society

Leave Society is, to borrow its protagonist’s phrase, the record of a “life explored with leisurely meticulousness.” The book begins in 2014 and chronicles a novelist named Li’s l…

Book Review: Professional Troublemaker

Professional Troublemaker: The Fear-Fighter ManualBy Luvvie Ajayi JonesPENGUIN LIFE/VIKING Imposter syndrome is real—just ask Luvvie Ajayi Jones, author of the New York Times be…

Caffeine: The Addiction We Share … and Don’t Talk About

Young lovers sit at a sidewalk café and sip espresso between kisses; a group of giggling cheerleaders head for a cooler filled with iced energy drinks; a group of happy kids swing …

Celebrate Whatever Life Brings: The Art of Seeing Each Day as a Poem

An interview with Jaqueline Suskin, author, poet, and healer.

Choosing to Live

Excerpt of It’s Not Yet Dark

Circling Enlightenment

One man’s story of the evolution of God

Do Not Go Gentle

Your most important savings plan has nothing to do with money.

Find Your Calling

These two profiles may inspire you to make changes in your own life.

Finding Refuge

Gratitude for the sisterhood at a Tibetan Buddhist Nunnery

Getting Unstuck

Last May, in order to pursue his dream of an integrated life of travel, writing, and photography, a smart, attractive thirty-something named Zero Dean quit his job, terminated the …

Go On, Change It All

Multiple, simultaneous life changes are possible.

How to Make Life Transitions Easier

Ending a chapter feels less upsetting when we have a well-rounded ending.

Life Lessons from the Parking Lot

One-third of the new homeless are living in their vehicles with laptops, tablets, and cellphones. My husband and I were two of them.

My Vow of Nonviolence

How an unlikely, spontaneous decision improved my life

Podcast: Connie Zweig, Shifting From Role to Soul

Psychotherapist and author Connie Zweig discusses aging and midlife, fear, cultivating deeper awareness, and much more.

Podcast: Lisa Broderick, Living a Limitless Existence

Lisa Broderick explores two startling claims: “You can control your experience of time” and “You can live without limitations.”